At Yoder Family Dairy, raising “grass-fed” cows isn’t just a marketing catch phrase. Our cows get plenty of exercise and extra muscle tone walking to and from the pasture. And they eat grass — the stuff cows were meant to eat. Our cows also live longer and spend more of their productive lives in our milking herd than grain-fed cows. Dairy products from pastured animals offer you a healthier balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids, higher levels of CLA (a fatty acid that is a potential cancer fighter) and lower levels of saturated fats. They are richer in antioxidants; including vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. We know cows aren’t built to stand for long hours on concrete. Because we maintain pastures instead of raising grain, our sod is strong and healthy and full of microbes that quickly break down cow patties into important soil nutrients, contributing to cleaner water for our neighbors downstream. Our customers also say milk from grass-fed cows tastes better. They know the grass that cows eat is contributing to healthier animals and a healthier product for them.

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  1. Kay Spurlock says:

    I came to your farm on the tour and bought a glass container of your milk. DELICIOUS!! Where can I buy your milk? We live in Pace, just outside of Pensacola. Thanks!

  2. Kay Spurlock says:

    trying to find out where you sale your milk? :)

    • The closest place to you is just north of the Tom Thumb on 97 in Molino. It is called Southern Mill and Feed. If you know of a good local store in Pace I amp always looking for stores that support local farmers.

    • Doug says:

      I wanted to know what store sell your milk? We lived in Pensacola.would like to buy.
      thanks Doug

  3. janice says:

    read your story about your dairy farm in sunday paper where can I buy your milk live in pensacola on ( W ) st. thank you janice

    • At this point you can purchase the milk at Southern Mill and Feed Supply on Hwy 97 in Molino just north of the Tom Thumb as well as in Bratt at the Crossroads store. I am very close to adding a retail location in Pensacola if all goes as expected.

      • Edith Masters says:

        I also read your article in the paper, and live in Cantonment. Will be very glad when you add a store in this area. Have you contacted the Tom Thumb at the intersection of W. Roberts Rd. and HWY 29? I ask that because you are doing business with a Tom Thumb in Molino. Thank you. Edie Masters

      • We are at southern feed supply in Molino, we plan to add seeral locations in pensacola soon soon.

  4. Paul Frederick says:

    I too saw the article in the paper on Sunday. I sure wish you could have an outlet in Pensacola. My grandfather was a dairy farmer and grew up with whole milk. Would live to try yours.

    • At this point you can purchase the milk at Southern Mill and Feed Supply on Hwy 97 in Molino just north of the Tom Thumb as well as in Bratt at the Crossroads store. I am very close to adding a retail location in Pensacola if all goes as expected.

  5. judy says:

    Does your wife sell any of the bread she makes??

  6. Shirley Curry says:

    Do you give tours of your dairy? My grandchildren are home schooled, and that would make a great field trip for them? Shirley Curry

  7. Helen says:

    Do you also sale butter?

  8. Kay Spurlock says:

    Great article in paper! Please let me know when you get Pensacola source:)

  9. Melissa says:

    Fresh Market would be the perfect place for your milk!

  10. Jim says:

    It’s Jim from Gulf Breeze. Drove all the way to your farm to buy for my wife. She was very happy and both quarts are gone. How did you make out with that place we talked about? I told you I travel a lot. Stopped at a place nearby in Alabama the other day. They had a reach in cooler full of gallons and quarts of milk. The only thing the label said was ” NAME OF PRODUCER fresh raw milk. Pet food only. Not for human consumpstion” . Just thought you might be interested. Enjoyed meeting you very much.

    • Jim,
      Thanks for the comment. I think I did well with the locations we discussed. We are waiting on a shipment of new bottles. It seems that many of the new customers decided to keep bottles for display in their homes. I am aware of the Pet Milk. I have had this myself in years past from this distributor. One difference is that is isn’t grassfed, it is simply siphoned out of the bulk tank of a commercial dairy. It does taste great, just not legal to sell in Florida for human consumption.

  11. glen harris says:

    the yoder dairy has the best milk around,hope he can get the butcher shop at fairfield and lillian hwy.,to carry it.the southern mill and supply on hwy.97 2 miles from hwy 29 is the closest.but that is a good drive.

  12. georgiana says:

    Glad to see your milk at everman’s in pensacola. Hope to see you selling in gulf breeze or navarre. I am super excited about trying your milk. Going to pensacola just to get it.

  13. Patricia Bizic says:

    I just bought your milk at Apple Market in Pensacola, FL on Scenic Highway.

  14. Kelly R says:

    Can you tell me how you treat any illnesses in your cows. I just found your site and I am interested in purchasing milk from either you directly or from ever’man. Do you offer any raw milk?

  15. Carol says:

    A friend is absolutely totally vegan, no animal products consumed and no animals harmed.
    I’m sure she would love your milk, but she is concerned that the dairy cows must be kept pregnant. Are the calves slaughtered as veal? Thank you. CT

  16. cmnavy13 says:

    Love your milk! Will you have just the cream available soon? How big is your farm/how many cattle do you have? Thank you for all the work you do to provide our community with nourishing milk!

  17. Elsa says:

    Are you going to have another tour? I see that one blogger said they came for the tour. I know several people who would enjoy such an experience. I have been to your farm to buy the milk and have to say it is the best! It is very tempting to keep the bottles for display, sorry to read that causes a supply problem for you. I have guests coming soon and plan to take them out to your farm so they too can appreciate the milk. We all grew up drinking raw milk and in our experience it did not taste great – we hated it – probably because it was usually warm and served out of metal pitchers. Your milk is much better tasting!

    • The last farm tour was scheduled through the county extension service. I am not sure if they are expecting to do this on a recurring basis. Glad you love local milk. Thanks for trying it.

  18. I bought your milk at Evermans yesterday and my kids LOVE it!!! Would love to see cream available and maybe even butter. Thank you for doing what you do.

  19. Evangeline says:

    I purchased your milk yesterday and love it! I hope that grassfed butter is soon to come. You would have one loyal customer. Thank you for providing delicious and nutritious milk!

  20. Georgiana says:

    Hi Yoders! Is there anyplace in Navarre or Gulf Breeze available to purchase your grass fed milk be raw or pasturized?

  21. glen harris says:

    I called the feed store in Molina,and was informed no more pasturized milk from the yoder dairy.said it takes to much time to produce,i would be willing to pay a bit more to get the good tasting milk.

  22. Dennis says:

    Do you spray your pastures with fertilizers and pesticides? Also, are the cows being treated with antibiotics? Thanks

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